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Strange Things Found by Homeowners When They First Moved In

Strange Things Found by Homeowners When They First Moved In September 18, 2020

When people move out, they try to take everything they own with them, but that’s not always possible. Sometimes, the thing they want to take with them is built into the property or they simply forgot that they left something hidden behind a wall.

This is bad for them but it’s actually good news for the new homeowners who have found some of the strangest and coolest things ever when they first moved in...

Milk Door Under the Cabinets


While moving into their new apartment, this person found an old milk door under one of their cabinets. Back in the day, the milk man would stop by and drop off milk bottles to people’s houses. Rather than open a door, the homeowner or renter would simply open their milk door and grab the bottle without having to get dressed.

A Glassed-Over Well in the Kitchen


This person’s grandparents have a glassed-over well in their kitchen. They found it there when they bought their house and started stripping it down. The well looked so interesting that they made it a feature thats about 25-feet deep and connects to an old river that ran under the house long ago.

This Basement Has a Cemetery


The Center Church in New Haven, Connecticut, has a cemetery hidden in the basement. The cemetery was part of a larger outdoor graveyard until a church was built over it. People can still visit these graves by taking a free tour.

There’s a Well in the Pub


Located in the town of Avebury in England near Stonehenge is a pub called The Red Lion, and stuck right in the middle of it is a creepy but super cool well. So if you're afraid of heights, we don't recommend sitting here. But don’t worry, there’s a round glass covering the hole, so you can look down without falling into the well.

A Paw Print on the Wall


It’s impawsible for a pet to have left their paw print on this brick after it was laid on the wall. So it’s more likely that the brick came like this from the brick factory, because once bricks are baked, the force required to mark them would have to be significant. But if these are old bricks, they might have been dried in fields where a coyote ran across them and left their print.

Vintage Space Themed Wallpaper


After digging through 3 layers of wallpaper in an old farm house, these new owners discovered something truly out of this world. It was a vintage space themed wallpaper that would look great in a kid’s room even though the paper’s not in the best of shape.

A Trap Door to a Hidden Basement


These owners were in the process of moving stuff into their new office space when they found a trap door. But when they opened it, they discovered that it led to a hidden basement full of floor plans. Who knows what other hidden treasures might be lurking down there?

Treasure in Their Bathroom


When they pulled back the wall right above their sink where the medicine cabinet was, they found treasure in the form of a roll of quarters inside an Alka-Seltzer bottle. But the real jaw dropper was this beautiful diamond ring. Why would anyone leave something so valuable behind?

A Large Monopoly Board Game


These new homeowners were shocked when they pulled up the carpet at their house and found a large Monopoly board game built onto the floor. So now if they ever get bored or the power cuts out, they can all play Monopoly, and the family can literally be the playing pieces.

An Old Hot Tub Under the Living Room


This person found a freaking hot tub under the living room. How cool is that? From the look of it, it must have been an outside spa since it has a filter lid and it’s surrounded by pebblecrete. The previous homeowners undoubtedly extended the house over it and then covered it up.

Walgreens Has a Vault


This Walgreens is seriously unique in its own right because the property itself used to be a bank. And we all know what banks have—a vault! So, this Walgreens uses the old vault as their vitamin section to store all of their products.

This Apartment Has Cell Doors


This incredible apartment was once a police station, and while there aren’t any prisoners hidden behind the walls, the original cell doors are still there. However, they’ve been painted white so the renter doesn’t feel quite so cagey inside their place.

This Message Under the Cork Floor Tiles


Since everyone uses realtors to get a home, most people never even know the names of the previous homeowners. But when these people started removing their cork floor tiles, they found a message from those who originally placed the tiles.

This Wall Has Years of Layers of Paint


This person discovered that there were lots of layers of paint after their wall broke. It’s like a time capsule similar to the tree rings or stone layers, but in this case, it shows various color schemes used by different home owners. Never thought we'd actually say this, but that's one epic wall!

There Was a 100-Year-Old Elevator Handle


You never know what you’ll find when you move into a new property. These homeowners found a 100-year-old elevator handle that obviously doesn’t do anything anymore. But they could probably wire it to something in their house that they can control with the handle.

Their Back Door Was a Spoon


This person has been living in their home for a while now, but they hadn’t noticed that the metal handle on their back door was actually a spoon. Whoever the previous owners were, kudos to them for MacGyvering this handle. Thankfully, they didn’t use a knife.

They Found a Secret Dungeon


Alright, so maybe it wasn’t a secret dungeon. But when these people moved into their new apartment, they found a door on the floor that led to a secret space they didn’t even have to pay for and was worth turning into a livable space.

There Were Razor Blades Behind the Wall


This homeowner discovered several sharp and rusty objects hidden behind the wall of their bathroom. Apparently, disposing of old razor blades inside the wall was a common practice back in the 1950s. But in all fairness, there was a slot on the wall labeled razor blades, so they must have thought it was a razor disposal.

There’s a Mile-Long Tunnel With Scary Visitors


This person started snooping around their apartment building and discovered a mile-long tunnel, but that’s not all. When they aimed their flashlight at the walls, they saw some creepy looking wall paintings of creatures that undoubtedly made the renter want to ask for their deposit back.

There’s a Cellar Door With a Jarring Discovery


This person was in the process of replacing her old carpet when she found a cellar door. When she opened it, she made a jarring discovery. As she made her way down, she found a basement with shelves full of jars. Some were empty while others held what looks like fruits. Now, that's equal parts cool and scary!

House Still Has Old-Fashioned Light Switches


This house still had old-fashioned light switches in it. Fortunately, the wiring was redone before the homeowners moved in. Those old knobs and tubes originally contained cloth on the outside which made them far less safe than today’s modern electrical wiring.

20-Year-Old Promise Found Under Wallpaper


When these homeowners removed their wallpaper, they found a promise made back in 1997 that said a dad would eat his overalls if the Spice Girls were still popular next time the room was decorated. Maybe that’s why he moved. But Dad would have been safe since the Spice Girls are no longer popular.

There Was a Mural Behind this Wall


When you tear down a wall, the last thing you expect to find are smiling flowers and bees or even an apple tree. But that’s exactly what this person found behind the wall. Alright, so it was actually a mural, but it’s still pretty cool.

The House Has a Vault


These new homeowners moved into a house that used to be a bank. When they discovered that the property still had a vault, they decided to use it as a basement to store all of their extra stuff. Hopefully they disabled the lock so no one gets locked in by mistake.

There’s a Chain Behind the Wall


The new homeowners here found a chain behind the wall of their 1930s property. The chain may have been a support for the floor beams because they ran from the attic all the way down to a location next to the stairs.

A Tennessee Homeowner Found Bundles of Coins in An Old Safe


These dirty containers actually hold a lot of treasure. Each of the containers in this photo if filled to the brim with currency. And some of the coins were very old, which could make their value even higher.

Love Letters From a WWI Soldier In the Wall


When houses are torn down, hidden objects in the actual walls of a home that may have been left there for decades can be uncovered. This new homeowner found love letters from the first World War, and they were still in pretty good condition considering how old they are.

Over 4,000 Game Pieces Under the Floorboards


Someone in this house must have been cheating at checkers. Game pieces aren’t typically used as insulation, so it’s difficult to imagine how exactly thousands of figures, cards and other trinkets got trapped beneath this house.

A Creepy Briefcase Filled with Money and a Message


This person found the most terrifying object in their new home. They discovered a briefcase filled with money, watches, silver coins and old video tapes along with a piece of paper that simply read, “save yourself.” It doesn’t get much stranger than that.

Stained-Glass Windows Behind a Brick Wall


A person renovating their new home mysteriously found stained-glass windows behind their brick walls, leading to more questions than answers. Ultimately they decided to salvage the old windows and frame them as a keepsake.

A 40-Year-Old Jar Filled With Corn


Someone found this jar filled to the brim with old corn, which had been sitting around for decades. If you found this, would you cook up some popcorn and eat it or just throw it away?

A Secret Room Full of Ammunition


Someone spent a lot of time collecting both weapons and ammunition, which were found in a secret room in a newly bought house. The old belongings were all collecting dust when the new owner found them, but they might still be worth a lot of money.

A 23-Year-Old Can of Coke


Not every old object is worth a lot of money, but it is interesting to see something so old in such good condition. But, just because it’s interesting doesn’t mean it will taste good after all of those years spent sitting around.

2,000-Year-Old Artifacts


It’s hard to tell exactly what this artifact is, but scientists were able to figure out that its age is at least 2,000 years old. And anything that old is very valuable, both in monetary terms and in knowledge we can gain about ancient times.

A Trap Door Leading Underground


A renter found out that they had access to a trap door in their office, so they ventured below. What they found in the basement were old papers covered in dust, including blueprints for the building and newspapers dating back to 1937.

A Terrifying Doll in the Attic


The strangest fact about this doll is just how big it is. This stuffed likeness is about six feet tall and very heavy. The owner of the home tried to move it away from its hiding spot, but it was caked with dust and very heavy, so they left it where it was.

Shoddy Craftsmanship


These cans of antifreeze were used to cover up an old duct and prevent air flow in the attic. This is obviously not the work of a trained professional, but the cans did such a good job that the new owners of the home didn’t notice them for months.

A Well Under the Kitchen


It is actually a common occurrence to seal an old well and keep the entertaining fixture visible for guests to peer into. Just don’t invite anyone over who may have vertigo, because this well could make some people seriously uneasy.

A Shower in the Bedroom


This room is not a bathroom, but there is a shower in it. It may make your morning routine easier to complete, but what happens when water leaks all over everything in the room? This fixture must have made this home a hard sell while it was on the market.

An SD Card Was Found in an Oven


Not every object found in a new home is necessarily old. One homeowner left behind a digital memory card in a very unusual place: the oven. The card was too burnt to retrieve any of the data on it, which may be exactly what its owner wanted.

Ventriloquist Dummy in the Window


The original owners of this house used this terrifying doll as an effort to scare birds away from the side of the house. But surely there must be a better method than leaving behind a creepy figure for the whole neighborhood to see!

A Rusty Knife in the Ceiling


Sometimes things fall just out of reach and you think to yourself, “I’ll pick that up later.” But if you never get around to that task, someone in the future might end up finding whatever you lost many, many years later.

Trash Bags Filled With Cash


One man in Utah found these bags when he moved in, so he decided to do the right thing and return them to their rightful owner. It must not have been easy to part with all of this cash, especially as a new homeowner.

Witch’s Bottles


If you’re familiar with the Salem witch trials, you might know about witch’s bottles. These glass containers filled with objects meant to ward off negative energy were kept in a home to protect from witches. A homeowner found these bottles, which dated back to the 1600s in 2004.

Civil War Memorabilia


A couple from Illinois found artifacts that should be in a museum in their home, right where the previous owner left them. They found letters, photos and even the belt buckle of an officer who fought in the Civil War that were in great condition.

A Rare Russian Doll Worth Millions

YouTube / BBC One

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure! A new homeowner found this doll and after doing some research on it, found out that it was worth a hefty price. It’s actually worth far more than the house it was found in due to its age and great condition.

A Medieval Well Beneath The Floorboards

YouTube / BBC One

Some people don’t realize what’s right under their feet, literally. This couple had no idea that their house sat upon an old well until they had some construction done. Maybe they’ll cover it and make it a fixture of the room like other people have done.

Ancient Mayan Murals Beneath Their Home


When you live in an area that was inhabited thousands of years ago, you might just come face to face with artifacts from that time period, like this family in Central America did. Because of the dry conditions in the area, the murals were still in excellent condition.

A Mysterious Tunnel


Another person who found a trapdoor found this terrifying tunnel under their friend’s apartment. After venturing into it, they found out that the tunnel stretched a mile long. But, its purpose was probably to simply divert water and prevent flooding.

A Newspaper From the Day President Kennedy was Assassinated


This newspaper is exactly how many people found out about this important moment in American history, and it was kept in tact because of its historical significance, although it has yellowed slightly.